About Us

The People Forward Foundation is a 501c3 organization headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.


To inspire people around the world to better their community one good work at a time.


We train, partner, fund, and counsel people and organizations, refining them into smart, bold leaders who create, manage and implement initiatives, projects, and programs designed to transform their communities; within the following 5 focus areas:

  1.  Artistic & Creative Expression
  2. Community Advocacy & Revitalization
  3. Health, Fitness, & Personal Wellness
  4. Identity & Self-Discovery
  5. Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship


  • To transform people and organizations into influential leaders who change their own communities.
  • To be an essential partner of communities, schools, government, and business.
  • To be a secure, transparent, accountable and well-managed trust.
  • To create and implement well-executed initiatives, projects, and programs that evolve into ongoing missions that leave a legacy of lasting change.


Love. Our love for humanity compels us to serve
Vision. The bright future we see makes the journey worth it
Intelligence. We use our smarts to do our good works efficiently
Stewardship. We manage our resources with due diligence and transparency
Partnership. We cannot do what we do alone
Creativity. We lead by the new paths we create
Faith. Our work is God’s Love in Action